Kiistone’s online portal is facilitated by one of the largest escrow providers in Europe.

Safeguard your time and money invested in a project by offsetting stage payments against project milestones, whilst logging any task changes in real-time.



• Give both parties peace of mind

• Provide clarity on how your project will run

• Give you the ability to flag any issues and encourage an open and clear line of communication to resolve any obstacles in real time

• Log additional tasks, jobs and costs to ensure that both parties are kept informed

• Support both parties fairly and provide any information required in the event that a dispute arises demanding a third party’s judgement



Protect Your Projects

Cashflow Indicator

Escrow Payment

Clear Communication

Flagging Issues

Easily Add Extras

Protect Your Projects

Deposits & stage payments are held independently & securely to help you avoid last minute cancellations and late payments. Don’t walk away from the money you have earned!

Cashflow Indicator

Keep track of stage payments coming in and log material expenditure going out to give you a useful indication of what money you should be putting aside for Tax Liability purposes and potential debt avoidance.

Escrow Payment

Your money is protected by a neutral banking facility to allow you to buy materials with confidence & set stage payments for regular cashflow. Funds are deposited before any work is carried out.

Clear Communication

By documenting all conversations, the in-app messaging service prevents misunderstandings & provides a reference of agreements made earlier in a project.

Flagging Issues

A client’s photograph is often better than their description of a problem, and vice-versa. The Kiistone app makes it easy & straightforward to flag up any issues that arise during a project. Reply directly to any flags to illustrate your commitment to your customer’s satisfaction.

Easily Add Extras

Deal with extras as they arise, e.g. “Could you do some extra tiling?” Immediately log tasks & extra costs so that additional payment cannot be brought into question at a later date.

Once you have set up your profile, the Kiistone portal is simple and easy to use!

PLEASE NOTE: Our Escrow provider charges a small transaction fee to protect a customer’s money.

For more information on Customer Escrow Fees, please CLICK HERE.



We believe in creating successful projects for trades and customers alike


Our mission is to be the UK’s leading trade operational support organisation


Our vision is to support every trade business to be profitable and sustainable


Making a trade a great career choice and ensuring our customers have peace of mind and satisfaction.


FSB Membership

The FSB (National Federation for the Self Employed and Small Businesses) is the UK’s largest business support group providing business services, products and support to businesses across the UK.

Every Kiistone Premium member is automatically enrolled as a full member of the FSB which means you have all the benefits that FSB membership brings.

The 22 FSB membership benefits include:

  • All the compliance documents you need to safely run your business and friendly expert advice to help you complete them.
  • Free banking (subject to status)
  • 24/7 Legal, Health & Safety and Employment Law helplines
  • Relevant business support and training, both locally and nationally
  • Immediate & free access to Health & Safety documents

To learn more about the full range of FSB membership benefits and Kiistone Premium, please email


Caroline Pearce

As a tradesperson, you are your business, and you need to be physically and mentally resilient to manage jobs, people and customers in these challenging times. Caroline is Kiistone’s Health & Wellbeing Ambassador.

Her Dad was a tradesman. Her sporting life demanded the highest levels of physical & mental stamina. Her expertise in Health & Wellbeing is extensive.

We’ve partnered with Caroline to help you:

  • When you can’t sleep at night because the buck stops with you.
  • When you’re working in all weathers, your back and knees ache, and you’ve got heartburn because you’re eating fast food on the go.
  • We know you want to stay healthy but you work such long hours you don’t have much time for the gym.
  • We know that sometimes there’s stuff you just don’t want to talk to your mates about.

For more information on ways to improve your health & mental wellbeing and on Kiistone Premium membership, please email